Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not Quite a Week Late.

Yeah, I know. I'm late. Thanksgiving was last week but I'm still going to do an I'm thankful for list now. Mainly because on Thanksgiving I was feelin' bummed and not so thankful. Plus I've been a busy little beaver (wow, did I really just say that?) and there are a lot of stressful things going on in my life so I really had to sit down and think about what I am thankful for.

So here goes, "I'm thankful for":

  • My mom and my sissy, who I didn't get to see for Thanksgiving (and most likely Christmas) but I love them and they have done so much for me and I truly appreciate them.
  • My dog (Scotch, no not after the drink!): apparently he had a seizure a week and a half ago, and I was kind of -okay, a lot!- distraught, but he's doing better and I'm thankful for that and the fact that I was able to save him from the pound in the first place and give him a better life.
  • My friends because they are amazing! They are always there for me and have gotten me through some rough times in my life. I'm also thankful for meeting new friends during my time in Florida, and my new friends are pretty awesome too! It's always fun to meet new people, and now, I have places to stay all over the country! Yes! Who's down for a road trip?
  • I have a roof over my head until January 8th. After that I'm not too sure where I am going because I technically won't have a home..but until then, I have shelter! And sad to say, that's more than some people have.
  • I am getting a paycheck until January 8th. I'm a little worried about that fact, but what's meant to be will be and I'm sure I will figure it out. I always do. Again, it's a lot more than some people have.
  • My shoes. Yep, they always make me completely happy and I never fight with them :). Also thankful for the fact that Christian Louboutin will be making 8 inch heels in the future. I definitely have to own a pair!
  • Working for Walt Disney World during the holidays. It may not be fun to work on the actual holiday, but it's really sweet when people thank you for working so that they can have a nice vacation with their family. And seeing the kids faces light up is definitely worth it. Even better: walking into a park all decorated and having my face light up! I'm such a little kid with anything Disney that I still get excited to see my favorite characters and yep, I still cry everytime at "Dream Along with Mickey".
  • My red fleece sweatpants that were only $10 at Gap outlet. I practically live in them now. No, it's not cold here in Floriday, just out apartment. Our a/c is broken so when we turn it on it goes down to about 56 degree, which makes it feel a little more like winter. I kinda like it!
  • I'm also thankful for the fact that I get to attend FIDM come April. I am really excited about this new adventure in my life. Hopefully one day I will become an architect but until then, a career in the fashion industry ain't too shabby.
  • I would be even more thankful for these babies:

{Talk about the perfect holiday shoe! Black, so they go with everything, but they have sparkle! These don't have sequins, but I'm crazy about sequins and sparkle. Show me some sequins and I'm all yours. I completely and utterly DIE for sequins, its a little ridic how much I love sequins. Could I say sequins anymore? SEQUINS, SEQUINS, SEQUINS. Okay, I'm done.}

The holidays are a little hard for me ever since my dad passed away. Holidays were always so much fun at my house and it definitely meant family time. I have so many good memories of the holidays from when I was growing up. Even when I am surrounded by family and friends, I still feel really lonely during the holidays because half of my heart is missing. Christmas is my favorite season though, so seeing decorations, listening to the music and watching the movies still puts a smile on my face. And I'm definitely not opposed to Christmas yummies either. I don't know how I am going to survive this holiday season without See's candy (all my Californians will understand!).

I hope that you are all able to spend lots of quality time with your families and friends and everyone else that you don't see enough of during the rest of the year. Have a wonderful holiday season and be safe out there!

*Does the word sequins look funny to anyone else at this point or is it just me? hmm..*


  1. Beautiful post love. I like your list- WDW during the holidays seems amazing! I know what you mean about feeling empty on holidays- I feel the same exact way even when surrounded by 'family' and friends. There is just something missing when our parents are no longer here- the magic is completely gone. One day when we have our own families I hope that the feelings can come back. Anyway, so happy to read your post. Love ya

  2. PS. Those shoes are to.die.for! And 8 inch heels?! Like WHOA! Can't wait to see those babies!

  3. Haha... sequins. Looks right to me... Drives me batty that most of my students write "sequence" when they mean sequins. Glad you're feeling THankful today-- I think it's okay to be late. Hope your Disney time is still enjoyable. I wish I could see it all dolled up!

  4. aaah those shoes are amazing! sequins sequins sequins .... yea kinda does look funny! haha

  5. Love you V! those shoes are gorgeous! one day we will make enough to buy as many shoes as we want! (and bags!) I should have someone send us See's...haha