Monday, December 14, 2009

The Fairy Tale in My Head

There's just something so special and magical about walking into Disneyland. No matter how many times I've been there, it always just makes me so happy and brings out the little kid in me. I want to skip down Main Street and I still squeal when I see Mickey and friends out and about. Sleeping Beauty's castle is just about the prettiest sight I think I'll ever see.

I was bored tonight and started looking at pictures of Disneyland (are you surprised I'm not Disney-ed out yet? I don't think it's even possible for me! haha) and decided to show y'all where I want to get married if I ever had an unlimited budget and if I were actually getting married anytime soon..hmm..which isn't happening, but I digress..

Basically, if you have enough money, you can do anything you want and Disney will make it happen. Disney has magical capabilities most of us can only dream about! Yeah, I know, I'm a Disney nerd - deal with it!

The most beautiful place to get married would be in the courtyard in New Orleans Square. When you exit Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it's to the left. It's a gorgeous courtyard, and I love the French Quarter there. The estate jewelry store always has exquisite pieces and it never fails; every time I go into the store, I pick out the most expensive piece of jewelry. {It's a gift, what can I say?}

This is the courtyard if you are looking at it from
the archway entrance. How amazing would it be to walk down the stairs in a white dress and the railings all draped in hot pink bougainvillea with white lights intertwined. I can see it so perfectly in my head, I wish I could just put that picture up for everyone to see!

The fountain of the courtyard, which is simple but pretty and would look cool with birds of paradise surrounding it. Yeah, I'm all about weddings, can you tell? It would also be cool to have lights inside the fountain so the water would be a different color, like dark pink! Pink is going to be my main wedding color if you haven't figured that out by now.

This is the archway that I would want to exchange my vows under. It would feel so romantic to be just the two of us under that archway and have lights twinkling around the archway. We would obvi be getting married at night after the park is closed so it's just our party there of course and hence the need for twinkling lights!

I would also want to be a Club 33 member so that I could have my reception there because that would probably be the best wedding ever imaginable!
{If you don't know what Club 33 is, GOOGLE IT! Do it right now! I'll wait..}
Since this is all in my head, I'm just going to pretend that this is all quite possible and keep on dreaming about it!

I want to hear your version of your very own fairy tale, whatever it may be! I love a good story and a happy ending, so please share them with me!

And of course, I would take a million pictures here in front of the most beautiful castle all lit up at night. Isn't it just gorgeous? This is definitely what my dreams are made of!


  1. Disneyland is magical this time of year for sure.

  2. Oh I agree- a wedding in New Orleans Square would be amazing! It would literally look like you were a princess in one of the movies with backgrounds like those! Ahhh- gorgeous!