Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Need Help..

No, I don't mean mental help (well, I probs do but that's a different topic for a different day), but I need help with my blog. I am so not up on my blogging game here and I want to make my blog look a tad bit more like I know what I'm doin' here. If you can help me with formatting and basically just anything on here, please let me know, I would loooove the help!

I haven't been blogging much because my time here at WDW is coming to a close and I am having a really hard time dealing. It's been such an amazing experience and I have met so many wonderful people and done things I never thought I would get to do. I have grown and changed in a myriad of ways and feel like I can do anything, all I have to do is go for it. I had to say goodbye to a co-worker today and it made me want to cry, and I have been feeling a little blue today. I will start blogging way more often once I get home (because let's face it, I will be jobless and probs sitting around doing nothing :/ ).

Hope everyone had a wonderful NYE, I had a great time surrounded by friends and fireworks and balloons. Omg, I am going to miss it here...


  1. duh! i can help you with anything!

  2. Not sure if you like the your layout now or not, but if you want the bigger one with three columns (two on either side and posts in the middle) then I know a lot of bloggers use this tutorial:

    It's really simple- should take about 5 minutes or so. That might make your blog look different and then you can add pics on the side and such! Also, if you decide to do it, make sure you delete the background you have now and change your layout in Blogger to Minima. Hope this helps! I'd be more than happy to help you with other things too!