Monday, July 27, 2009

Fashion Idol

I totally let you guys down this weekend! I was super busy and didn't have a spare second of alone time to sit down and write. I have a feeling that this week is gong to consist of a few late nights due to stress, so I will probably have oodles of time to write and finally be able to fill you in on the details of my "personal" life.

So, for a fun little post, I decided to show you my favorite fashion icon. Most of you all know her as Posh Spice, but I prefer to call her Victoria Beckham {mainly because saying her last name makes me think of her husband and he's yummy! :) }. I love that she really doesn't care what other people think and she is always dressed to the nines, she is truly my inspiration, and some day soon, I want to dress like she does! People like to complain about how she doesn't smile and always looks harsh, but it's because she is self-concious about her smile, and I think it's great that she doesn't give in to others just to make them happy even if it meant making her uncomfortable. She is her own person and that's sometimes hard to find in this world! I adore her fashion sense, she sticks to what works for her and doesn't just follow trends. She does a lot of classic styles, but updates them in different colors and textures. Plus, she always wears a 5 inch + heel and that is my kind of woman! She always has amazing shoes on, and that's really why she is my number 1!
Here are a few of my fave outfits of hers:

*so this is just her hair, but I definitely copied her hair style when I cut my hair short a few years definitely worked better on her!*

*This dress is "major"! It's a Marc Jacobs and the hearts are so adorable and she pulls it off!*

*Even casual, she still rocks it, and I especially love a wide leg pant!*

*I can only pray I look half this cute after having kids!*

*She even looks amazing going to the airport!*

*She loves the pencil skirt silhouette and who can blame her? It always looks amazing and is super flattering, it's my fave too!*

*How cute are her and her husband on date night. Here is an example of how she takes the classic LBD, updates the silhouette and makes it her own with tights and bright red shoes, love the shoes!*

I hope you guys enjoy the few pictures I posted, I could post pictures of her outfits and shoes all day long!
Let me know who your fashion icons are and send me some pictures of your fave styles, looks, shoes, whatever! I love looking at any picture related to fashion!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coming Soon!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I took a little break off from new posts, been busy and haven't had the internet at home for a few days. A few of the blogs I read are done by amazing girls who aren't afraid to get personal, and I love it. So I think I'm going to get brave and do the same. So sit tight, and let me write out a new post about what's been going on in my life, hopefully I can have it up by Saturday. (There's been a lot going on!)

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, please keep reading and leaving me comments, I love reading them!

xo Vanessa xo

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The A.L. Won!!

The A.L. won the All-Star Game!!! I am a huge baseball fanatic - okay, well not fanatic, but pretty darn close! I love baseball, it's my favorite sport! My favorite team in the whole entire world is the Angels, who happen to reside in the best division, the American League!

*I have always loved the Anaheim Angels, but a few years back, the MLB changed the name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, which is quite a mouthful! The Angels started out as the Los Angeles Angels, which makes perfect sense, and to older generations, like my dad (who I took after in becoming a fan!), this is how they should be known. I have only known them as the Anaheim Angels, so that's how I still think of them, besides, doesn't L.A. have enough sports teams?! I think everyone can agree the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is ridiculous for the team name, just pick one city!*

The A.L. has had the longest un-beaten streak in the All-Star history, 13 years, with only 1 tie in 2002. And now, since that tie, whoever wins the All-Star game gets homefield advantage in the World Series. The Angels had two players in the game this year, Chone Figgins (3rd baseman and alternate since Torii Hunter is on the DL list and Evan Longoria was hurt right before the game) and Brian Fuentes (pitcher). Neither one actually got to play, but that's okay! My other favorite All-Star event is the home run derby, in which Vladimir Guerrero (AKA Bad Vlad) usually plays and wins, but he was on the disabled list as well (how sad!) My all-time favorite Angels player was Bengie Molina, who unfortunately was traded a few years back and has now ended up on the Giants (boo Giants!). But I still love him and am a huge fan of his! He and his brother, Jose Molina, were both catchers for the Angels at one time, but now they have both been traded.

That's my update for the day, one which I am beyond excited about! I just wanted to let everyone know that the best league won and to also let you know more about me, my favorite team, and what's going on with them!
What are your favorite teams and players?

Monday, July 13, 2009

So I've been making lists and checking them twice (more like 200 times!) to try and get a jump start on being organized for Florida.

*For those of you who don't know, I am going to DisneyWorld in Orlando,FL for 5 months for an internship with their college program! Its for college students and I get to work in the park and once I complete this program, I can go on to do their professional internship program, which is when I would do a job related to my field of study in school. I am beyond excited, I am a Disney fanatic!!!!!*

While making these lists, I know that I probably won't be able to take everything I want to take or feel that I will need and this is causing me some minor stress. The thing I am most stressed out about and to be honest, my biggest fear is that I will not be able to take all of my shoes and that while I am gone, my poor shoes will rot away in storage. I know, I'm beyond ridiculous when it comes to shoes, but I am a true shoe-a-holic. The best feeling in the world is buying a brand new pair of shoes, it's just so thrilling! And no matter, shoes always fit! That's their best quality!

I am already the worst packer in the world, when going away for a simple weekend, you'd swear I was going to be gone for two weeks because I still insist on taking my biggest suitcase and stuffing it full, I always run into weight problems at the airport. Have you seen some of my purses? They are massive themselves and they are usually always full too! My favorite purse is my big yellow purse that my friends have nicknamed "the suitcase". I am a packrat I guess you would say, but I feel that I always need to be prepared for everything. I love being able to pull out a band-aid, a wet wipe, a hair tie, a nail file, or some other random thing someone needs from my purse. I even carry magazines and books too, in case I'm somewhere and I'm bored! I also carry post it notes and index cards so I can make lists and notes while I'm out and about! I don't even know how I am going to survive making it to Florida for 5 months with only 3 suitcases, its going to be quite a challenge for me. Honestly, I think one suitcase will be just full of shoes, I'd rather have my shoes than a big selection of clothes!

I know that I will still forget a ton of stuff, despit my lists, because I can be a total airhead and walk out with things that I have been thinking about for months and are sitting right in front of me as I'm walking out of the door. But I am also very excited because this is going to be a completely new adventure for me and if I forget a few things, that'll just add to the fun and force me to go shopping in Florida (oh darn!).

I hope this all makes sense, I just started rambling! Do you guys have any tips for packing for a long trip? I desperately could use them!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Hello you!
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been a tad bit on the busy side for once. This week was an adventure, with me having to change my car battery and then trying to finish packing up my apartment and then trying to get ready to pack for Florida!
I've started to get back on track with working out, so my post is going to be about my new found joy of running. Okay, joy is pushing it, but it has helped me stay sane this week!
I recently started running down the street, which is about a mile, and even though I go super slow, I make sure that I don't let myself stop. It's hard but it's so good for my body and my mind. I have stopped taking my iPod because it really lets me think and clear my head and seems to make my run go by that much faster. It's also been helping me to sleep better (Hallelujah!!) and it definitely is a great stress reliever! (Have you met me? I'm Queen Stress over here!). I have had a lot going on in my life lately, more to come in later posts about that!, and running has really allowed me the quiet time I need to figure out what I am supposed to be doing and who I am supposed to be at this juncture of my life. The whole figure out your life by 22 when you graduate from college thing is not easy, and I feel that it's really unfair! Who knows exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives at 22?! I know a few things that I want to do, but I still have no idea how to get there!
So I hope my little post and sidetracking comments inspire you to get out there and do some exercise for your body and mind today! We all only get one body, take care of it!
Anyways, just wanted to give you all a quick hello and update as to what I am doing this weekend. Any fun plans for you out there? If not, lace up your shoes and go outside!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tell Me a Secret....

So, my friend Natasha (hi there!) clued me into this blog called PostSecret. I had heard about it before, but I never knew there was a website for it as well! PostSecret is a collection of postcards where people write their deep secrets they are afraid to tell anyone and send them in. They have been made into books and the man that started it, Frank, also does PostSecret events. Every Sunday, they post new secrets on the website, and there are funny secrets, sad ones, weird ones and ones that make you think: "that's my secret too!" I think this is a great project because it can make you feel connected to others out there and realize we all face the same problems at one time or another. And a lot of the time, people will write in about when their loved ones read their secret and it helped them move forward in their lives and that's always a beautiful thing. Yesterday was National Tell the Truth Day, so I wish I had had time to blog this yesterday, but better late than never! I hope you all check out PostSecret or at least share some of your secrets with me!
I promise I won't tell.
Here's the link:

*I thought this image was fitting~interesting and relevant to the topic!*

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a fun, safe, and Happy 4th of July! Hope you all take some time out of your day to thank those who fight for our freedom and give a little salute to the flag.

A Slice of Wisdom

I was reading the Costco Connection magazine today and stumbled across this word of wisdom and thought I would share it with you all! This is great to remember when life is getting us down and we need something to pick us up and keep us going. It was written by Wally Amos (yes, he created Uncle Amos' cookies).

you believe creates your reality. Believe that life is a positive experience and it will be.
A-Attitude is the magic word. Your greatest asset is your attitude. Be positive regardless.
T-Together everyone achieves more. There are no limits to what we can accomplish together. I am more than I am but less than we are.
E-Enthusiasm is the wellspring of life. There is no limit to what can be accomplished with enough enthusiasm.
R-Respect yourself, as well as others. When you begin to respect yourself, your whole world changes.
M-Make commitments, not excuses. There is overwhelming power in the words “Yes I will!”
E-Everyday can be a fun day. Fun is the lubricant that keeps life moving forward. Laugh a lot.
L-Love is the answer. Whatever the question, Love is the answer. It’s the greatest force in the Universe.
O-One day at a time. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. All of life happens in increments on one.
N-Never give up or become a victim. You are guaranteed to lose if you give up. Winston Churchill was right, “Never, never, never give up.” It works if you work it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things!

So, of course, my first real post is going to be about shoes! I'm going to make this simple and just post a few looks that I'm loving right now, whether they are in season or not, because let's face it, you can rock a look you love at any time! <3>
I'm really loving thigh-high boots with skinny jeans for a casual vibe or to modernize office wear.

For me, you can never have a heel too high, which is why I love the platform stilettos that have been everywhere lately! A few of my favorite examples:

These are great and a fantastic color!

These are a great take on the classic pump and go with anything while giving you that extra height that us shorties love!

And my last, but not least, favorite, especially during this time of year: WEDGES!

If you know me, you know I love architecture, and these are a great way to incorporate some architecture into your daily style!

These wedges are really fun and they have a take on the gladiator sandal with a great pop of color for summer time fun!

I die for these shoes! They are such a work of art - I would pair this with a great LBD for the perfect cocktail party look!

What are some of your favorite shoes? Send me some pics of your fave styles!