Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walt Disney World!!!!

Natasha and I finally made it to Florida!! We arrived on August 23rd, with a whole lotta luggage drama! Well, it was mainly all me, but what do they expect? I had to pack 5 months into 3 suitcases!! First, I weighed my suitcases at home and they were all under, but apparently my scale was off because my big black suitcase was 15 lbs over! Woops!! So Tasha, her mom and I start taking things out and shoving them everywhere! I had my boots in Tasha's purse, all my underwear in a bag in my pillowcase and dvds galore in my purse, plus a few other things and we finally got it under the weight limit. So cut to me trying to board the plane and the flight attendant tells me my carry on isn't gonna fit anywhere. Slight panic attack because to check a 3rd bag would have been $125 and yeah, that ain't happening! So major relief when she said it was going to be free if we gate check it! YES!! So I ended up using my pillowcase as a carry on bag, only me of course!

*Side note to those of you who travel, we were on Delta airlines, in case you don't want to pay for an extra bag, gate check it, it's free!*

We finally arrived after flying all day, with a stop in Atlanta, and we were both exhausted and just basically dropped once we got to the hotel room.

So, this is why my blogging has been majorly slacking lately, but I promise to be a lot more regular again with updates and pictures!! I am currently working at the Wilderness Lodge in the Mercantile store. My costume is pretty crazy, I have to wear a white button up shirt but its very pioneering-esque, with a calf length dark green polyester skirt that has a native american blanket on the bottom half, with black tights and black loafers. Jealous yet? I will definitely post a pic of that soon! I was kind of hoping to get away from retail, or at the very least be in a park, but oh well, hopefully I will get deployed and be able to work at a variety of locations, so it shouldn't be too bad.

I have had so much fun playing in the parks, and I do have to say, Disneyland does everything better! haha, can't top the original! But the rest of the parks are pretty awesome, and there is soooo much more to do here, I honestly don't know if 5 months will be long enough to see and do everything!

If you have been to Walt Disney World before, tell me some of your favorite things to do, I want to make sure I do all of the best things!

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  1. oh gosh! In Ireland we had major suitcase drama too and we were NOT allowed to check a bag! Only 1 carry on per person. We had to move all kinds of things around and def had the most random stuff in our backpacks! hahahaa. Mail stuff home when you leave!