Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tell Me a Secret....

So, my friend Natasha (hi there!) clued me into this blog called PostSecret. I had heard about it before, but I never knew there was a website for it as well! PostSecret is a collection of postcards where people write their deep secrets they are afraid to tell anyone and send them in. They have been made into books and the man that started it, Frank, also does PostSecret events. Every Sunday, they post new secrets on the website, and there are funny secrets, sad ones, weird ones and ones that make you think: "that's my secret too!" I think this is a great project because it can make you feel connected to others out there and realize we all face the same problems at one time or another. And a lot of the time, people will write in about when their loved ones read their secret and it helped them move forward in their lives and that's always a beautiful thing. Yesterday was National Tell the Truth Day, so I wish I had had time to blog this yesterday, but better late than never! I hope you all check out PostSecret or at least share some of your secrets with me!
I promise I won't tell.
Here's the link:

*I thought this image was fitting~interesting and relevant to the topic!*


  1. I've seen this site before- such a great idea! Nothing is better than cleansing oneself from secrets! Hmmm...let me see what "secret" I can post that isn't too detrimental, ha! I never ever cry, not because I am trying to be tough or feel embarrassed, but rather I am afraid that once I start I'll never stop.

    Oh, and I sometimes take put my finger in the peanut butter jar when no one is around! Now that I am too embarrassed to do in front of people! Ha!

  2. I LOVE PostSecret... I've been following it for years! Every Sunday I check it! Def been some that I have saved and reposted on my page. It's amazing!

  3. PostSecret is awesome! I've saved a couple too. There was one that said something like, "I'm scared I'll never find a man that loves Nascar and Broadway..." haha or something like that!