Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The A.L. Won!!

The A.L. won the All-Star Game!!! I am a huge baseball fanatic - okay, well not fanatic, but pretty darn close! I love baseball, it's my favorite sport! My favorite team in the whole entire world is the Angels, who happen to reside in the best division, the American League!

*I have always loved the Anaheim Angels, but a few years back, the MLB changed the name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, which is quite a mouthful! The Angels started out as the Los Angeles Angels, which makes perfect sense, and to older generations, like my dad (who I took after in becoming a fan!), this is how they should be known. I have only known them as the Anaheim Angels, so that's how I still think of them, besides, doesn't L.A. have enough sports teams?! I think everyone can agree the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is ridiculous for the team name, just pick one city!*

The A.L. has had the longest un-beaten streak in the All-Star history, 13 years, with only 1 tie in 2002. And now, since that tie, whoever wins the All-Star game gets homefield advantage in the World Series. The Angels had two players in the game this year, Chone Figgins (3rd baseman and alternate since Torii Hunter is on the DL list and Evan Longoria was hurt right before the game) and Brian Fuentes (pitcher). Neither one actually got to play, but that's okay! My other favorite All-Star event is the home run derby, in which Vladimir Guerrero (AKA Bad Vlad) usually plays and wins, but he was on the disabled list as well (how sad!) My all-time favorite Angels player was Bengie Molina, who unfortunately was traded a few years back and has now ended up on the Giants (boo Giants!). But I still love him and am a huge fan of his! He and his brother, Jose Molina, were both catchers for the Angels at one time, but now they have both been traded.

That's my update for the day, one which I am beyond excited about! I just wanted to let everyone know that the best league won and to also let you know more about me, my favorite team, and what's going on with them!
What are your favorite teams and players?


  1. Wow, would the hubs love you! He played pro and I still can't get into it. Poor hubs.

  2. Oh man! I would love to be married to a pro just so I could go to the games for free! :)